An Arc LS flashlight, factory second, with a blue Luxeon LED was gutted and transformed:

The LED was very off center on the PCB and the resultant beam was very poor. This light

was completely disasembled and the lens on the blue LED was damaged as a result of the

off center positioning. The collimator optic lens was also slightly damaged. The LED was replaced

with a white Luxeon emitter. A custom reflector was made which fits with in the Arc head.

To insure water resistance, different components were used in the reassembly. There are O-rings

on either side of a mineral glass lens. There are two additional O-rings around the reflector and

pressed into a sealing manner by a stock retaining nut within. The sleeve body of the head

was slightly machined to allow for an O-ring between it and the bezel head. In deference to Arc

Flashlight, the interior components and PCB board are not shown. The polished aluminum reflector

yields a much wider beam angle than the standard optics used in the Arc LS. The beam difference

can be viewed in the two photos below showing this modified light next to a standard Arc LS.

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